Practice Facilities & Winter Weather

Oct 3, 2021 | News

Many have asked about the weather and our outdoor practices. SDB is actively seeking a covered outdoor space or private indoor space to accommodate our practices. 

  • Seattle Parks & Recreation has not reopened their reservations yet. We have been in contact with them and they know we are chomping at the bit to get indoors. The increase in Delta caused them to put the breaks on accepting reservations in August when they were planning to reopen. 
  • We have contacted Lynnwood Bowl and Skate and are waiting to hear back from them to see if they have any indoor options for us.
  • We also spoke with the City of Seattle and a private entity about using their covered parking garage and are trying to get an answer from them.
  • We reached out to a private community center regarding their indoor space and they are concerned about damage to their newly finished gym floor. Discussions are ongoing. 
  • Several members of SDB are reaching out to their school gyms and other places with large open indoor spaces. 
  • Our facilities committee has researched and reached out to well over 100 organizations at this point. We really need your help to make a connection with a facility owner or manager that is open to our needs. If you have any contacts, please reach out to Marrianne, currently at vp(a)