Scrimmage is almost here, yippee!

Oct 27, 2021 | News

Skaters love to scrimmage and we love to watch them block, pivot, and jam. SDB’s Head Ref Coach Space provides the following expectations for families to ensure derby is always fun for skaters and fans. 


  • cheer for your skater
  • cheer for your team
  • cheer for the other team
  • cheer for roller derby
  • cheer for unpaid volunteers
  • ask questions after scrimmage to learn more about the game


  • don’t coach from the audience
  • don’t tell skaters what to do (“call it off” for example)
  • don’t criticize anyone
  • don’t come onto the track, to the benches, or the penalty box (we will get you if we need you)

Trust your coaches and officials! We all have skaters’ best interests at heart.