Team Reveals, New Logos, and a BIG Thank You

Oct 27, 2021 | News, Volunteers

Skater names, numbers, and team assignments were celebrated in Team Reveals this past weekend. Congratulations for surviving the rite of passage through the derby name selection process! Team assignments will be made in TeamSnap soon.

Huge shout-out to Ryan O. for designing our new team logos. See them all below!

Attention: If your skater’s name and/or number was incorrectly announced at Team Reveals, please email secretary(a) so we can review before the uniform ordering process begins. 

A Big Thank You to Team Reveal Volunteers!!!

Nothing happens at SDB without our dedicated volunteers and even this past weekend’s weather couldn’t stop the celebration. Team Reveal Coordinator, Emily McNichols, planned our festivities and Derby’s Greatest Announcer, Mean Poutine, emceed the ceremonies. Sarah Portugal, Merchandise Coordinator & Artistic Director, coordinated the printing of the team banners and stickers. And to round out the celebration, skater gift bags were organized by our fabulous team liaisons. Thank you, thank you, thank you!