Division 1: Evil Angels

Seattle Derby Brats has four positional blocking Division 1 (Div1) teams, comprised of players ages 12-17. Div1 serves as both an advanced positional division for skaters aging out of or moving up from Tootsy Rollers as well as our entry level division for older skaters (new skaters coming in from New Skater Camp and League Tryouts, and the occasional transfer skater).

The focus for our Div1 skaters is the continuing development of fundamentals and positional blocking skills. This stage continues to explore competition and good sporting behavior, and provides an opportunity to work with more advanced strategies of game play. Attention continues to be given to effort and trying one’s best, while also having fun. Throughout the year they bout against our other Div1 teams – Battle Axles, Poison Skid’les, and Stunflowers.

Evil Angels 2020 Team Photo featuring the junior roller derby team in their black jerseys, safety gear, and helmets that showcase their personality.

Head Coaches

Skater Coaches