Division 2: Toxic Avengers

Seattle Derby Brats has two Division 2 (Div2) teams that are full contact but not travel teams. Toxic Avengers is comprised of players ages 12-17.

Div2 is SDB’s introduction to full-contact division. Skaters traditionally move up from Div1 or Tootsy Rollers, enter in from New Skater Camp or may transfer from another league. Div2 selection is based on coach recommendations.

The focus for skaters at this level is to explore and strengthen their understanding of roller derby at the full-contact level. At this level, we strive for equitable playtime, but may be more impacted than earlier years by attendance, participation, attitude, openness to feedback, hard work and skill. Coaches may begin to assign roles (blocker, jammer, pivot) based on skaters’ strengths. Coaches respect skater aspirations and work with skaters to help them achieve their goals.

Throughout the year the Toxic Avengers bout against our other Div2 team – Mighty Rollers.

Toxic AvengHers 2020 Team Photo featuring the junior roller derby team in their dark green jerseys, safety gear, and helmets that showcase their personality.

Head Coaches

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